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6 Things to know before renting a car

car rental without credit card
car rental without credit card

Are you about to rent a car? Here's what you should know

Car rental is a very popular service nowadays. Work commitments, short trips but also long holidays become much easier thanks to the rental of a car. However, there are still plenty of travelers who are skeptical of this mode of travel.

If you have never rented a car and believe it is difficult or complicated, don't worry! We have created for you a list of small tips that will help you book a rental car without hitches or nasty surprises. Below you will find some important things to know before renting a car.

1.You must be 21 years old to rent a car

The first important prerogative is to possess all the requirements for renting a car. In each rental contract, the legal terms that must be respected are indicated.

Among these is the achievement of the minimum age for car rental which is set at 21 years. Then we obviously find the possession of a valid driving license. Remember that when you collect the car you will always be asked for all the documents necessary for identification.

2. When choosing the car, also consider its trunk!

As we all know, in most cases, car rental companies allow a huge choice of cars of each category. When choosing the car that suits you best, don't be superficial! Remember to evaluate every aspect of the car.

For example, if you are traveling alone but your suitcases are numerous, do not opt ​​for a Smart! Choose a car that can offer you more convenience and comfort. What we want to tell you is to consider all aspects of the car. To do this, simply consult the details listed on the rental agency's website, which usually clearly state every characteristic of the cars in detail.

3. Do not underestimate the insurance

An important aspect related to car rental is undoubtedly the insurance coverage. There are those who tend to underestimate this factor and accept basic insurance, which is offered by all car rental companies. Our advice is to think carefully and look above all at the value of the proposed deductible. The ideal would be to opt for a car rental company that can offer zero excess insurance coverage in order to relieve you of any damage to the car.

Underestimating this aspect could lead you to unpleasant surprises and make you spend more than what you paid for the entire vacation! Be very careful!

4. You can choose to add an additional driver

Another aspect that not everyone is familiar with is the possibility of inserting an additional driver. This clause has extra costs which we believe are really well spent.

It is good to be able to switch while driving. Many rental companies offer this clause at the time of online booking. Consider carefully whether to choose this alternative, it could be really useful.

5. You can request extra services

Each car rental company offers a series of extra services (for a fee) for its customers. You can request any additional convenience that will allow you to fully satisfy your needs. The requests are customizable according to your needs.

For example, you can request the insertion of a GPS navigator in the car, snow chains, supports for minors such as child seats, load carriers and much more. We always recommend that you specify it in advance to allow the rental company to organize itself better.

6. There are rental companies without a credit card

Are you looking for a car rental without a credit card? Although rare, there are some car rental companies in Italy that allow these conditions. Autonoleggio Prime, for example, is an Italian car rental company that allows a free and unconstrained payment method. You can book in a few clicks and also pay in cash when you collect the car!

We accept debit cards, prepaid cards, PostePay and any payment method that suits you best. If you prefer to pay on delivery you simply have to indicate this in the online booking. We will explain how to do it later.

General car rental considerations

Renting a car is a very practical service if you rely on the right company! Always be aware of any hidden costs and rental clauses that are proposed to you.

Car rental Prime stands out in this sector for its transparency and practicality. We offer our customers a simple service, without annoying bureaucratic complications. We offer Low Cost rental rates at no additional cost!

The amount you will have to pay will be exactly what you will see when booking online. The costs do not change! Say no to complications! We have active offices throughout the Sicilian territory!

Now that we have revealed some small precautions to get an impeccable service at affordable prices, book your car now in a few clicks! If you want to save money remember to book a car long before you leave.

Renting a car in advance will allow you to save up to 30%!

Online booking of a rental car

Online booking of a rental car

Have you decided to reserve a car? Book in advance and save on the rental cost! With AutonoleggioPrime you get a car rental without a credit card and without security deposits!

What are you waiting for? Book now! Just fill out the booking form by entering the place and date of rental! You will see all the cars available and, based on your preferences, you can select the car you like best.

Confirming your reservation is simple. Just enter your details and at the end you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a general summary of your booking.


✅ For more information you can also contact us by phone: (+39) 095 8900227

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