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Port of Trapani

Car Rental Port of Trapani

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Car Rental Trapani Port

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Hire a Car at the Port of Trapani!

Save money and be free to move wherever you want!

Rent a car at the Trapani Port is a necessity for tourists and professionals who need to move into the town or in near cities, without wait the inefficient public transport.

Both if you are traveling for work or for pleasure, the most important places in the city are far from each other, so renting a car in Trapani is the best choise. If you need to go far from the city, you have to know that the highways are free and there is always little traffic.

When you arrive at the Trapani Port, AutonoleggioPrime will offer you a cheap rental solution, making your trip more comfortable. 

Professionality. Cordiality. Quality.

These are the cornerstones of our car rental service. Our staff will welcome you with kindness and will offer you the best cars to get around town.

Thanks to our car rental in Trapani Port, you will be able to drive to the city and all over the Sicily, discovering all natural and artistic beauties and saving a lot of money.

 The Port of Trapani

In the port of Trapani transit thousands of passengers, towards the Egadi Islands, Pantelleria, North Africa and many other locations. In Trapani operate some of the most important national and international companies. Also, the port of Trapani is one of the best places for yachts of all kinds and dimensions and is also becoming a famous cruise port.

The ancient port of Trapani was born as a commercial outlet for Eryx (now Erice), located on the mountain above Trapani. In old times it was used by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans and, later, by the Arabs. After the arrival of the Normans in Sicily, the port became a center of great turmoil, thanks to the Crusades . During the Middle Ages the port was one of the most important in the Mediterranean Sea.

Nowadays, the port of Trapani consists of an outpost, a commercial port, a fishing port and a tourist port in front of the Viale Regina Elena protected by a breakwater of 275 meters. The port has the shape of a bag with EW direction, has a length of approximately 2000 meters and a width ranging from 225 to 450 meters, with an availability of approximately 200 berths. The port is composed of nine piers (Garibaldi, Dogana, Marinella, Somergibili, Isolella N, Isolella W, Isolella S, Ronciglio, Ronciglio Levante), two docks ( Ronciglio e Sanità) and a ferry terminal which is located on the dock of Sanità.
There are many infrastructures around the port area, like the train station and the Airport of Birgi.

Thanks to our car rental service at the Port of Trapani, it will be easy, fast and convenient for you to hire a car after landing in Trapani and drop it off before leaving. Simply book on this site or make a phone booking and our rental agency will deliver the car of your choice directly at the Port.

The City and the Province of Trapani

The city of Trapani is situated on a headland in the sicilian west coast, in an area where there are many natural reserves, magnificent beaches lapped by crystal clear waters, archeological sites, a lot of monuments and much more.

Trapani is a city with ancient history. Once rented a car at the Trapani airport, you can drive to the city and visit its monuments, churches and old palaces or you can drive far off, visiting the near towns.

The province of Trapani has within its territory some of the most interesting and beautiful natural areas of the whole Sicily. The area of the old Saline (salt flats), the Egadi Islands, well known for the beauty of their beaches, the Natural reserve of Mount Hood and the Zingaro Natural Reserve, located a few miles from the beautiful downtown San Vito lo Capo.

With a car rented at the airport, you can easily visit most of the western Sicily, the most famous cities and historic sites. Not far from Trapani, you can visit the city of Marsala and the notorious town of Mazara del Vallo. Moving thoward nord, you can visit Palermo, full of history, and the medieval town of Erice. Really nice to visit is also the area of Segesta, where you can find a lot of ruins of buildings and temples of greek and roman period.

Rent a car in Trapani is the best way to discover and explore western Sicily, a wonderful land where the climate is warm and welcoming as its people. You will discover a magnificent culture, beautiful cities and unforgettable natural landscapes.

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