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Car Rental Selinunte

Car rental within everyone's reach AutonoleggioPrime - Via Alfio Berretta, 4, 95121 Catania CT +39 095 8900227

Car Rental in Selinunte and Castelvetrano, Sicily

Selinunte is an archaeological site contains five temples centered on an acropolis. It now lies in the terrotory of Castelvetrano, on the southern coast of Sicily. Selinunte and Castelvetrano are not well connected by public transport, so hire a car in Selinunte from our rental agency is a necessity.

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These are the cornerstones of our car rental service. Our staff will welcome you with kindness and will offer you the best cars to get around town.

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Thanks to our car rental in Selinunte, you will discover one of the most beautiful and relevant archeological spot of the entire Sicily. Now it's also possible to take advantage of our low cost rental rates paying without credit card!.

Renting a car with AutonoleggioPrime you can visit Castelvetratno and all the nearest beautiful places with easy and tranquillity. In a radius of 50 Km from Selinunte and Castelvetrano you can find some of the most beautiful landscapes of Sicily, many natural reserves and historical sites, and the best way to visit them is to rent a car.

The Trapani Birgi "V. Florio" Airport

You can easily reach Castelvetrano and Selinunte by landing at the Trapani Birgi Airport.

Thanks to our rental service at the Trapani Airport, it's easy, fast and convenient for you to get a car once you land in Trapani and drop it off before leaving.

Discovering Selinunte and its History

Selinunte was one of the most important of the Greek colonies in Sicily, situated on the southwest coast of that island, at the mouth of the small river of the same name. Nowadays, the city is beside the sea, between the Modione River (the ancient Selinus) in the west and the Cottone River in the east, on two high areas connected by a saddle. The part of the city to the south, next to the sea, contains the acropolis which is based around two intersecting streets and contains many temples (A, B, C, D, O). The part of the city to the north, further inland, contained housing on the Hippodamian plan contemporary with the acropolis and two necropoleis (Galera-Bagliazzo and Manuzza). Other important remains are found on the high places across the rivers to the east and west of the city. In the east there are three temples (E, F, G) and a necropolis (Buffa) north of the modern village of Marinella. In the west are the most ancient remains of Selinus: the Sanctuary of the Malophoros and the archaic necropolis (Pipio, Manicalunga, Timpone Nero). The two ports of the city were in the mouths of the city's two rivers. Of the five temples, only the Temple of Hera, also known as "Temple E", has been re-erected

Renting a car in Selinunte you can reach Marinella di Selinunte, an ancient fishing village that now is full of tourist accomodation, restaurants and trendy bars. With a car you can also easily visit Castelvetrano, Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, Trapani and all the beautiful places of the south-east coast of Sicily.

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