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How much does car rental cost in Sicily?

Sicily car rental without credit card
Sicily car rental without credit card
When you are about to embark on a journey and are in the preparatory phase, you should also consider how to get around during your stay. One of the most popular destinations for travel and tourism is Sicily. In such a context it would be appropriate to opt for the rental of a car. In this regard, it is not necessary to be afraid about the costs but more than anything else it is important to evaluate the actual benefits that the service entails.

Many actually wonder how much car rental costs in Sicily and if it is really convenient to opt for this alternative rather than preferring to use public transport. The answer is that by analyzing the advantages in relation to prices, car rental turns out to be really cheaper.

How to rent a car in Sicily

Car rental in Sicily is a very practical solution used by a large number of people. Currently there are many services of this kind on the island, but it is always good to carefully evaluate all the proposals, rates and conditions of the cars.

Car Rental Prime undoubtedly offers the best car rental service in Sicily. Car Rental Prime meets all the requirements that every rental business should meet. The cars are always in excellent condition and carefully monitored, the insurance coverage allows renters to rent a car without worries and there is no complication in booking the rental.

It is important to be aware of how renting a car in Sicily can be really convenient thanks to the Car Rental Prime rates.

Where to rent a car Catania Airport

Car rental at Catania airport is a significant convenience for discovering all of Sicily from the moment of landing at the airport. Contrary to what one might think in Sicily, the busiest airport is not that of the capital, that is, the airport of Palermo. In first place for the number of passengers we find the Catania Vincenzo Bellini airport.

In the high traffic of passengers it is possible to meet tourists of all kinds, those who land in Sicily to spend their holidays, those who do it for work, study or passengers from abroad.

In any context and origin, car rental in Sicily creates a situation of advantage and practicality. If you are wondering where to rent a car at Fontanarossa Airport, Car Rental Prime is the ideal solution for you. Located at all major Sicilian airports, Car Rental Prime has numerous car collection / delivery points throughout the island.

No additional costs on cars

Car rental at the airport is particularly useful and simple. Once landed, you can move around the whole of Sicily aboard a car all to yourself through a rental at no extra cost. If you are at Catania Fontanarossa airport, you can easily reach the center of Catania by car in about half an hour.

Get a low-cost car

Within the Car Rental Prime car park, you can find low-cost cars of all categories. Taking a rental car will allow you to go inside the island and discover all the wonders that Sicily offers. The landscapes of the area are truly breathtaking. It is also important to underline that the most beautiful beaches in Sicily are not reachable by public transport and organizing a holiday without autonomy of movement is really limiting.

With a rental car you can fully enjoy the cities, natural environments, architecture, museums but also the entertainment and attractions of the island. The beaches of Sicily are perfectly sandy, surrounded by orange and lemon groves that spread the fragrance of their aromas along the peaceful coastal strip. Sicilian cuisine is also another pleasure that you cannot do without. Renting a car will give you endless possibilities to make your holiday unique.

How do you pay for the car rental?

Each car rental company prefers different payment methods. In most cases, rental services impose the obligation of a credit card for payment with the addition of a deposit on the car deposit.

Car rental Prime, on the other hand, is very innovative and open to the needs of its customers. It is possible to rent a car without a credit card and without security deposits! In this way, the payment is not a concern for customers who prefer to select for themselves the method they deem most appropriate. In fact, it is possible to book in advance but decide to pay in cash when collecting the car. As for the deposit, Autonoleggio Prime does not require any deposit on cars that are perfectly protected by an efficient insurance coverage with zero excess. This means that in the event of damage, the insurance policy fully covers the amount to be paid.

Rent without credit card

If you have decided to opt for car rental in Sicily, book a car now. You can book directly online for a rental without a credit card and without worries! Find out now the availability and prices of our cars by filling out our search form!


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