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Is renting a car during the coronavirus safe?

renting a car
renting a car

The car rental sector follows very strict health regulations

In recent years, the car rental sector has had to adapt to very strict regulations for the continuation of the business. Thanks to some precautions, it was possible to secure all customers through rules governing the booking methods and those for assigning cars.

So, is renting a car during the Covid-19 pandemic safe? Absolutely yes. In the following article we will explain why.

Each car is carefully sanitized after each use. This means that every time a customer returns the car, it undergoes a disinfection process before moving on to the next renter. And so on every time the car is reassigned to a new customer. Let's find out together the advantages of renting a car during the coronavirus .

Car rental is the perfect solution to avoid crowding

Car rental is a valid alternative to public transport which will guarantee you a safe and autonomous journey.

When you are not in possession of a car, the choice tends to fall on public transport. If you try to think about it, however, currently getting around by bus, tram and metro is not really a good idea. Although the regulations have tried to limit the capacity, public transport is still crowded and unsafe.

At the moment, the current prerogatives always recommend maintaining social distancing avoiding taking public transport and instead using the car or bike or, alternatively, going on foot. The car is a private means of travel .

If you intend to avoid crowding , car rental is the perfect alternative. Thanks to this service you will feel like you are the masters of your time but also of your spaces. With car rental you will not have to wait for the means of transport to arrive and, on board the car you will be free from constraints.

As we all know, this is not the best time to travel by public transport. If you need to travel safely, choose car rental without too many worries! Car rental companies apply very scrupulous hygiene policies . This is an absolutely safe service.

Is the use of PPE required inside the rental car?

The use of PPE (personal protective equipment) such as masks or gloves is absolutely not required inside the rental car.

Protective devices are only required in cases of Car sharing where several renters share the same car.

In traditional car rental, each customer uses a car exclusively for himself. For example, if you decide to rent a car for your family, in that case the car will be destined exclusively for you for the entire rental period. During the car rental phase, you will not need to wear masks or gloves since only your family will be present in the passenger compartment.

Obviously, personal protective equipment must always be worn once out of the car. Upon delivery of the car, the use of a mask is mandatory for both customers and employees at the counter queue.

Cars are always sanitized

renting a car during the coronavirus

The use of gloves and a mask while driving is not required since, as already pointed out, rental cars are sanitized every time the customer returns the vehicle to us.

We take care of sanitizing the car in its entirety by paying more attention to the areas that are touched most frequently such as the seats, the gearbox, the handles, the steering wheel, etc.

Disinfection takes place through certified alcohol-based products.

The rental car is booked online

All the safety measures required by law have been adopted at the rental desks. Furthermore, in order to limit queues or gatherings as much as possible, the booking of the rental car takes place directly online.

In this way, the contacts between staff and customers are almost completely canceled. Booking a rental car is very simple and will take a few minutes of your time.

Car rental without credit card with AutonoleggioPrime

Are you looking for a car rental service without a credit card ?

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Our company has always been committed to guaranteeing customers an efficient and complete service at affordable prices. As regards the health regulations in force, we scrupulously respect every indication to offer renters a safe journey aboard our cars.

To reserve a car, simply enter the date and place of rental and continue the booking by entering your personal data.

Do you want to pay in cash directly when you collect the car? No problem! Car Rental Prime offers a car rental service without a credit card and without security deposits! You choose how to pay!

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