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Rent a Car Without Credit Card

Rent a Car Without Credit Card

Now You Can Rent a Car Without Credit Card in Sicily!

After receiving a lot of requests from our customers, our rental agency has decided to offer everyone the opportunity to rent a car without a credit card. There are in fact many people who do not have a credit card but still need to rent a car. With us you can hire a car without a credit card and we will not ask you deposits or additional charges, while other agencies do.

No Credit Card. No Deposits. You pay only the rental.

It's always a great pleasure to see the travelers who rely on us breathe a sigh of relief in knowing our Terms and Conditions. In fact, despite the fact that we do not require a credit card to rent a car, we do not ask deposits nor charge any additional cost. You will pay your rental and nothing else.

Many are in fact the rental agencies that, for a car rental without a credit card, require hedging with bank drafts and/or checks for amounts of at least € 2,000 .

Common Error: Credit Cards and Prepaid Cards

Very often people confuses the traditional credit card with an electronic prepaid card . The presence of logos of well-known international circuits often confuse people so they naively believe that they will be able to rent a car with that prepaid card. The sad ending of many of these situations is that, once made the reservation online and arrived at destination to pick up the car, the customer can not rent the car and will have to face a lot of troubles.

So let us explain better the differences between these two types of cards:

If you use a credit card, you are borrowing money that you must pay back, in addition to interest, if you do not pay the balance in full by the due date.

With prepaid cards, you are spending the money deposited onto them, and they usually aren’t linked to your checking or savings account. Prepaid cards may more properly be counted among the Debit Cards, like ATM cards.

Rent easily a car Without a Credit Card with AutonoleggioPrime

To easily rent a car without a credit card in Trapani, Catania, Palermo, Comiso, San Vito Lo Capo or in other cities of the Sicily, you can view our available cars and make an online booking.

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