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Requirements for the rental



General rules on driving licenses:

  • The driving license must always be performed in the original copy.
  • It must be valid at the time of rental and expired after the expected return.
  • It should not have to be abrased or deteriorated so as to limit its readability.
  • It should not have corrections, unless they are authenticated by the issuing authority with a special stamp.
Italian Driving Licences

In some cases, AutonoleggioPrime could require additional documentation, as specified below:

  • During the renewal process: AutonoleggioPrime will accept an expired driving license if and only if it is attached with a valid identity document and the original copy of the certificate issued by the legal doctor after the renewal request. The medical certificate attests the physical and mental attitude of the driver and also acts as temporary driving license, with a validity of 6 months from date of issue.
  • During the change of Residence: if the address of the driving license deos not match the address on the identity card due to a change of residence, the customer should provide, the model issued by the City for the change of residence. This model should be stored along with the driving license till the receipt of the appropriate cutting sticker containing the new data or till the receipt of the new driving license.
  • Duplicate for loss, theft, destruction: AutonoleggioPrime can accept the provisional Driving Permit (Permesso Provvisorio di Guida), which is valid for 90 days from the date of issue, if and only if the driver encloses a valid identity document.
Foreign Driving Licenses

Licenses issued by European Community Nations:

All driving licenses valid and issued by a State Member of the European Union are accepted to rent a car from AutonoleggioPrime. The driving license must always be accompanied by a valid identity document. The license holder who has taken up residence in Italy for over a year has no obligation to convert the license, but it must be recognized within 90 days by the DMV (Motorizzazione Civile).

Licenses issued by Non-EU Nations:

The customer with a driving license issued by a non-EU nations must provide, together with its valid driving license, the international driving permit or a certified translation of it, directly issued by the Embassy or Consulate. The international driving license is valid for the period expressed in such permit. If the customer has not the international driving license and a certified translation of the permit, the rental will be refused and the reservation is canceled.

The driving licenses of non-EU citizens that have been resident in Italy for more than one year, even if accompanied by a valid international driving license, are no longer valid. It's already in circulation an european model of driving license. The same, provided with a hologram / microchip and with advanced anti-counterfeiting systems, will be recognized in all Member States.

If the license does not have the signature of the owner as well as the address, the customer will need to show proof of his/her identity.


The customer, for a car rental with AutonoleggioPrime, must be at least 21 years old (with the exception of H and L car groups and other cars belonging to the category "Large", as well as the Vans). The customer must be in possession of a valid driving license issued at least two years before the rental. For those customers it's required the payment of a daily supplement of 15,00 euros (VAT included), with a maximum charge equal to 15 days.

Customers that are at least 25 years old, that have a valid driving license issued by at least 1 year, can hire any car group without any extra cost.

For those customers that pay with an AutonoleggioPrime Company Card, the age limitation is 21 years, with no limit on car gorups and no extra costs.
For those customers that pay with tour operators vouchers, the age limitation is 25 years, with a driving license issued from at least 1 year, subject to certain exceptions regulated directly by AutonoleggioPrime.


To rent a car, we accept the following credit guarantees:

  • Credit Card: the credit card must belong to the owner of the Rental Agreement. The following Credit Card Circuits are accepted: American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Diners. Whenever 2 credit cards are required, they must be of 2 different circuits (one that does not belong to Visa / MasterCard), and both in name to the driver fo the rented car. Debit cards and Prepaid cards are not accepted ( eg Visa Electron, Postpay, ATM, etc.)
  • Voucher bearing the company logo of AutonoleggioPrime and all the details of the rental required: issued both by AutonoleggioPrime itself or by other tour operators
  • Cheques or cash are both accepted, with some limitations on the amount. For these types of payment, please contact the Reservation Center at the number 0923 972306 and ask for more information

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